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Why Halal Beef Bacon?

Healthy & Tasty

People have become increasingly aware of how their eating habits and food choices affect their health. Accordingly they
are choosing lean cuts of meat and foods that are low in sodium, trans-fats and not highly processed.
No. 1 FOODS LTD Halal Beef Bacon is an innovative food product that offers the inherent nutritional advantages of lean
beef which is ready in minutes. Halal Beef Bacon is an innovative staple food. It's a new way of understanding a beloved
meal choice. Halal Beef Bacon is a healthy, great-tasting food. Beef bacon is the beef product that can rival bacon in
preparation and taste. Halal Beef Bacon is an exciting new product bought to you by No. 1 FOODS LTD.

Food Safety

At No. 1 FOODS LTD our customers come first. Our commitment is to their well-being and we guarantee to do
everything that we can to make our products safe for everyone. We don't cut corners, we follow each and every rule and
regulation. We only use the finest ingredients, equipment and associates in all aspects of the production and distribution
of our products. All our employees are trained in accordance with UK Food Hygiene Regulations. Our processing unit(s)
are accredited accordingly.
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