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Halal Certification

The term Halal is actually an Arabic term simply meaning permissible and not actually food specific, although foods are
the commonest theme this term is associated to. Halal when associated to the meat industry merely refers to the method
of slaughter of animals that is compliant with Islamic jurisprudence. This encompasses the Islamic doctrines and
promotes religious integrity and transparency that is absolutely non-negotiable throughout our manufacturing process.
The slaughtering procedure is carried out by a qualified person adhering to all religious protocols.

The fundamental principles followed in Halal slaughter are based on numerous ethical considerations. In summary,
  • The slaughtering procedure is conducted by an experienced and suitably qualified person trained in religious protocols
  • No animal is slaughtered unnecessarily i.e. except to meet the human need for food
  • No animal is subjected to any distress or fear before the slaughter
  • Any animal raised for human consumption is never mistreated or abused, courtesy and respect
    towards the animal is mandatory
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